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Suppressing my “URGE” to…

I was glancing around the other night, in hopes of finding a concept car that would meet my profile. You know the rear wheel drive, lightweight, enthusiast’s car I love so much, and guess what happened to appear. Something to spring life back into my hopes. Something that I could drive sideways and all I have to do is suppress my urge to… Continue reading →

The Right Reasons To Buy Hybrid. (My Reason – TORQUE)

I’ve talked to a few people who own hybrid cars purchased right from the factory. Their main reason for the purchase is gas mileage. That is one reason to buy hybrid, but it may not be the best reason.The biggest and best reason to buy a Hybrid is emissions. Hybrids don’t run while stopped or even under hard accelerations in the city, this fact alone reduces emissions tremendously. If you own a Hybrid it should make you feel good to know that you are polluting this planet far less than 90% of the vehicles on the road today.

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Flight of the Navigator…er…Mercedes?

It is interesting to think that the Science Fiction movies that I loved as a child might soon be a reality in the automotive world, at least for Mercedes.

I remember Watching “The Flight of the Navigator” where a young man is taken ten years into the future by a spaceship. He ends up befriending the spaceship who happens to talk like PeeWee Herman… Anyway, rent the movie if I’ve interested you, but the ship in the movie is what interests me. I remember it changing shape at high speeds to something a little more aerodynamic and more like a giant silver football when stationary or at slow speeds. Well, apparently the luxury car maker Mercedes plans to do the same thing with a car.

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Forced Air Technologies STI

This is a pretty sweet setup in this 2006 Subaru WRX STI. It has a compound system with a turbocharger, and a supercharger created by Forced Air Technologies

Allen: It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and let Austin ask the questions (I hate being the camera man). I love the fact that the supercharger kicks off when the turbo is under boost to eliminate any parasitic drain from the engine. It is a good feat of engineering and testiment to modern technology. I go into all sorts of techno-bable on this suject but Austin would just delete them from the post. Keep up the good work F.A.T.!

My 240sx Suspension

Allen: I figured I would write a post about the suspension set-up in my 240sx. Suspension modification is one of those things that if done incorrectly can make your car handle worse. I spent several month researching on what I wanted to do. I chose the Continue reading →

Chevrolet Launches World’s Largest Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Fleet…AGAIN

GM EV1 Electric Vehicle

LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK – Chevrolet fuel cell electric vehicles will be seen on the streets and driveways of Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C., beginning today, in the largest market test ever of its kind.

Customers in suburban Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, D.C. will begin driving more than 100 Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicles as part of a comprehensive deployment plan dubbed “Project Driveway.” It constitutes the first large-scale market test of fuel cell electric vehicles anywhere.

A variety of drivers – from regular families to celebrities – will have free use of an Equinox Fuel Cell electric vehicle and the hydrogen fuel it needs to make electricity onboard. The average family will get one of the vehicles for three months and be required to report their experience to Chevrolet.

These will be interesting cars in the way that they are using hydrogen to generate the electricity needed to power the vehicle. GM did a similar test where they leased the Saturn EV1, with the actual largest market test of this kind, in the late 90′s. GM is playing this one a little bit different in that they are only allowing families to have the cars for 90 days, so don’t expect to see “Who Killed the Electric Car…Twice” any time soon.

Audi Announces New TDI Initiative

Audi 3.0L TDI Engine

Audi is launching its TDI initiative on the North American market. As early as next year, Audi will be putting the cleanest diesel engine in the world into production in the USA virtually in parallel to its launch in Europe: the 3.0 TDI with ultra-low emission system will initially be available for the Audi Q7, and later for the new Audi A4 too. Audi has been expanding steadily in the USA for many years now, and sees the market as holding high potential for its cutting-edge TDI engines. The low-sulphur fuel required for the engines’ operation was introduced throughout the country a year ago, paving the way for the initiative to begin.

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