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The Right Reasons To Buy Hybrid. (My Reason – TORQUE)

I’ve talked to a few people who own hybrid cars purchased right from the factory. Their main reason for the purchase is gas mileage. That is one reason to buy hybrid, but it may not be the best reason.The biggest and best reason to buy a Hybrid is emissions. Hybrids don’t run while stopped or even under hard accelerations in the city, this fact alone reduces emissions tremendously. If you own a Hybrid it should make you feel good to know that you are polluting this planet far less than 90% of the vehicles on the road today.

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Drifter’s Do it Sideways! (Why I like drifting.)

Drifting has become this rapidly growing racing sport around the world. There are national circuits for the United States as well as open drift days for the average driver to test his or her skills.

But why is it so popular? What makes it better then just normal racing? Well I intend to tell you why I like it so much and I can only hope that most people who enjoy drifting will agree with me.

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The Man Sedan (part Austin)

Subaru WRX STI

So I was reading Allen’s post on “manly sedans” and the same thought kept popping into my mind, “Why are sedans so UNmanly?”I am a man and I think that sedans are great cars simply because they are more functional than a coupe. They can hold friends or family members, they are good for hauling stuff, and with a little creativity and sometimes help from a nice manufacturer, you can have LOADS of fun in them.

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The Man’s Sedan (Part 1)

As a man, I find Sedans in general repulsive. They are generally plain but functional. They serve the purpose of being a family car and usually nothing more. But I want all the functionality of a sedan and performance of a sports car.

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They’re Grilling Me!

I’ve been noticing an increasing trend in some of the import cars.  The front end of the cars seem to be similar to a degree that I almost feel like manufacures are loosing thier individuallity.

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Cars with Heritage Part 1 – The Mustang

I was conversing with Austin the other day on aspects of cars that we like and don’t like. We came across the Ford Mustang; a car that has one of the longest uninterrupted production runs ever. One that has over 40 years of history. It was then I decided to do some writing on the few remaining vehicles with any sort of heritage.

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Will the Lotus Never Wilt?

Elise header

Of all of the cars out there; Of all of the news that I read; Of all of the gimmicky re-releases; there is one car that I never tire hearing about; the Lotus Elise.

I feel like one of Odysseus’ crew members from the Odyssey. The ones who get caught up with the lotus eaters and never want to leave. That is me. I am a lotus eater. I am high on the Lotus. I just cannot get enough of this stupid looking car, and they just keep getting better.

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In The Niche – Motorcycles

If you have been following any of the blogs up to this point you know I’m very particular about what I like. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like other motorcycles or cars that don’t meet particular requirements. For instance, I really like the Mini Cooper even though it is front wheel drive it is rated in my top ten out of all the cars I have driven. It is that I have high regard for vehicles that meet my stringent requirements. In other words they are perfect for me. I thought I would write this one on some motorcycles that I find meet my requirements.

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Pontiac Solstice (Saturn Sky) Confusion

Allen:  I had the opportunity to sit in a Solstice and move it around the block.  I was a little irritated because, it was hard to see out of.  I didn’t tell the owner that, though.  I simply asked her about performance, fuel economy and if she like driving the car in hopes of persuading me to purchase one.  Her response shocked me.

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My 240sx Suspension

Allen: I figured I would write a post about the suspension set-up in my 240sx. Suspension modification is one of those things that if done incorrectly can make your car handle worse. I spent several month researching on what I wanted to do. I chose the Continue reading →