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2009 Barrett-Jackson Event

A couple of weeks ago was the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions. You can watch all of the actual auction on the Speed Channel and see some amazing vehicles get sold at rediculous prices, but what else happens there? What does a $55 ticket give you access to? Take a look. It gives you a chance to look at lots of really cool cars, and to see what the social elite spend their money on. Helicopters, jets, million dollar boats, and pictures of ferraris mashed up with classic works of art.

AZ Toyota Drive


About 10 days ago I took a little drive with the local AZ Toyota crowd up one of the best drives in the state of Arizona.  We started at the Quick Trip located at the beginning of Highway 88 and drove all the way past Canyon Lake to Tortilla Flat.

I met Brady at the “QT”, the unofficial organizer for the majority of the AZ Toyota clubs in the Phoenix area, who proudly brought his AE86 with a silver top 20V 4AGE powered engine.  But as the Toyota’s started to wheel in, Cris (Picture Below) and John showed up with later generation Corollas.  But we didn’t just have Corollas showing up to this, there was a Celica GT-S, a *cough* Infiniti G35 *cough*, MR-S, and several 3rd generation Supras.

Cris's Rolla

The supra below is Clint’s and has a turbo charged 2.5 L 1JZGTE engine putting 330 HP to wheels.  Impressive, I think so.

Clint's Supra 1JZ

After gas tanks were filled and all the Toyota members were amply supplied with their beverage of choice, we headed down highway 88 in Arizona.  If you haven’t been there is is worth the drive, especially on the day we went; sunny and 70 degrees.  I cruised with the windows down and the wife snapping pictures along the way.

We stopped at Tortilla Flat where the Supra guys split off and took a drive further back on 88.  I took some pictures of our local “Boso” who represents a recent Japanese craze here in the U.S..  Check out Woody’s crazy exhaust.

Boso exhaust ae86

(If you need to know what a “Boso” is check it out here: http://www.autoblog.com/2008/12/10/video-japans-bosozoku-roll-deep-phat-loud-and-weird/)

All in all, it was a great drive and I can’t wait to bring the AE86 out again.  If you want to see more pictures from the drive check out the link below.


Barrett Jackson Drift Demonstration

At Barrett-Jackson this year (and years past) Ford and Falken do pretty slick drift demonstration with Vaughn Gittin, Jr. We snuck past the rails and took some video. This isn’t super long as we took out most of the boring stuff.

Barrett Jackson – Opening Night

Seriously, who knew that a combination of an 85 year old car genius, million dollar cars, Elvis impersonators, and Red Bull and Vodka could be so awesome and so devastating…

Last night was one of the best experiences that I have had in the automotive world. I got to see one of the greatest living automotive legends of all time, Carroll Shelby. You know, the guy who invented the Shelby Cobra. It was truly an honor to share in his 85th birthday (and if he reads this I wish him many more.)

Shelby the Legend

But the night was not solely about Carroll Shelby and the impact that he has made to the performance of American cars. It was a celebration about one of the greatest car auctions in North America.

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62mph Launches!

62mph has officially launched as of today. We are still working out a few kinks but the main site is now up.

It is 62mph.com. We are doing vidcasts of car reviews in addition to continuing to provide regular blog posts. Check it out, bookmark it (RSS still coming) and feel free to give us your feedback. We would love to hear it.

Thanks from Allen and Austin.

Scottsdale Pavillions Car Show

We spent the evening at the weekly car show that goes on at the Scottsdale Pavillions. This event has gotten quite large over the past few years. Last night’s turnout was no different. Hundreds of cars and bikes of all makes and models. Allen had the only ’86′ there however.