What’s the Mustang GT got that the 370Z doesn’t?

2010 Mustang Blue and Red

The economy is playing a big part on the redesigned 2010 Ford Mustang. Not much has changed mechanically for the 2010 Mustang except that they managed to squeeze a few more ponies out from under the hood by using a new intake. I can’t really blame Ford for not trying to redesign the engine, transmission, or suspension; the economy is in trouble and they are in the midst of it. I think it was a smart move on their part but slightly disappointing for the consumers.

But what Ford did change is worth while. The Mustang has been adorned with shiny new sheet metal giving the look of a little more Muscle. Body lines have been reshaped, interior redone, and sound deadening added for comfort. In fact Ford did such and incredible job of quieting down the car they had to add a tube from the intake to the firewall of the car just to get the V-8 sound to the driver.

But is the New Mustang going to be able to compete with its off shore counterparts, mainly the 370Z? The 2010 Mustang GT is  barely under the $28,000, but that is less than the Z, at $29,930. Some might say you get more for your money with the Z, and in a sense you do. The Pony GT is only rated at 315 HP and the Z 332 HP but you can’t count out the Mustang yet, as it has an additional bone crushing 55 ft-lbs of torque. God knows I like torque.

The Mustang is also an incredible base for tuning. The aftermarket is huge and you can tune a regular GT upwards of 400 HP without too much trouble. The Z is a different story. The aftermarket is good but the engine is really at its peak naturally aspirated and to turbocharge the Z is going to be costly if you still want it dependable. So you could get the Z a Turbo Kit have it installed and you would probably be right around $45,000 for the car, parts, and labor. Or you could buy a GT500 for $46,325 and that comes with a warranty and 500 HP.

But horsepower and money aren’t everything. In fact there is two things the Z does better, the transmission (6 speed) and the suspension. The Mustang is still using old technology when it comes to its suspension and the final drive. A solid rear axle is good for a truck but it doesn’t handle as well as independent rear suspension like the Z. Then the transmission is a little irritating as well. If they put a 6-speed in the regular GT and changed the gearing your could potentially get off the line quicker and get better gas mileage. After all, I can get a Civic or any Nissan with a 6-speed Manual. A six speed would be quite a performance option with little effort on Fords part. They already used a 6 speed in previous model years and the GT500.

But those are really my main gripes with car. The interior quality, even the handling, and all around appearance has surpassed previous model years. Besides when you buy a Mustang you get an American icon and while the Z has it’s followers I can’t call it an American Icon.

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#1 panda 86 on 03.09.09 at 11:24 am

you make a good point about the cost of getting these cars to a certain amount of horsepower. If someone wanting to get a 370z could get over the ford/usa stigma, the mustang would be a much cheaper car to tune

#2 Paul Stamatiou on 11.26.09 at 7:40 pm

The use of live axle in the GT is a plus for drag racing and putting down power in a straight line. Many Cobra owners big into 1320′s will do a rear-end/IRS swap with GT owners.

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