Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I’ve been following General Motors (GM) and the new Transformers movie and I think it is great that car companies want to advertise on movies. As I take a sip of cool, refreshing Coca-Cola, I realize that I don’t mind good product placement now and again.  But I’m not really hoping for anything great from this next movie.  In fact I’m anticipating disappointment.

I liked the first Transformers movie.  It was a fair plot, plenty of humor, lots of action, and a chance to see the new Camaro.  But the Camaro is the exact thing that is bothering me about the new movie.  Apparently GM has decided that some changes needed to be made to the car, though it is still the same color and basic shape, but that doesn’t bother me to much.  What bothers me is this, the Camaro should have been ready to be purchased after the first movie.  Don’t advertise cars that don’t exist.  I want to drive “Bumble-Bee” not wait two years to see one at Barrett Jackson and yet still have to wait till 2010 to get a ride in one.  Could you imagine how much money GM could have made on Camaros with the “Bumble Bee” paint job if the car was ready for the release of the Movie?

This year GM has been showing a bunch of cars at the Chicago auto show that are going to be in the Transformers 2, and guess what?  They don’t exist either.  GM is going to be putting a new Stingray Corvette, the Chevy Beat concept, and the car that really makes me angry, the Volt.  That car doesn’t even have a real sales date, so why advertise it?  I think the Volt is  going to be great but when am I going to be able to drive back an forth from work without using a drop of fuel?  Maybe GM is trying to get interest back into the car, I don’t know.

The whole allure of Transformers growing up to me was  My cousin’s VW bug could be an Autobot, my Dad’s pick-up could be an Autobot,  and the 911 Turbo next to me could be an Autobot.  There is no allure if I don’t get to see it, touch it, and listen to it.

I’m just frustrated.  If you are going to be advertising cars in your movie please, please let them be available for a test drive.  Well I guess I’ll just have to see how everything pans out with the movie and GM.

And here are some cars

The video and all pictures are © GM Corp.


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