2010 and 2009 Ford Flex

2010 Flex Profile

If you bought the 2009 Ford Flex, I’m sorry to tell you that you may have missed out on a better Flex.  I could write some cheesy thing about how Ford is “Flex”ing its muscles with the 2010 Flex but I won’t.  Ford is allowing a new option to be installed on the all-wheel-drive versions of its retro styled box….  Twin Turbos.

That’s right, twin – &%$@#  – turbos!  The EcoBoost engine will bump the standard 3.5L V-6 from 262 hp to a earth stopping 355 horsepower.  That is nearly a 100 horsepower increase!  This is the part where someone is suppose to mumble under their breath about how the fuel economy will suck…  Well the fuel economy drops from 19/24 (City/Highway) for the standard flex to 18/22.  That’s not that bad at all for 355 freaking horsepower!

Let me put into perspective.  The new Nissan 370Z has 332 HP, gets 18/26 miles per gallon.  So the Flex gets the same mpg in the city, 4 less mpg on the highway due in part from aerodynamics like a refrigerator and overall large size, hauls 7 people, has all-wheel-drive, and has an additional 23 HP.  Though the flex isn’t going to be winning any runs down the quarter mile against a 370Z, I would still think it will give it a run for its money.

I’ve driven the 2009 Flex,  it is more than functional and it looks good too.  The handling is much like driving a large front wheel drive car like a Camry station wagon, thanks part to a transversely mounted front wheel drive engine.  And believe me the 3.5L was no slouch of an engine either, it got the job done.  There was only one downfall of the 2009 Flex, both my wife and I felt it was a little over priced for what you got.  Looks are important but it did feel like you were paying a premium for them with the Flex.

Though the pricing hasn’t been released for the EcoBoost option of the Flex, I will imagine it will be right around the $35k mark. Which will put it in a similar price range to a fully loaded Nissan 370Z.  Tough choice if I do say so myself.  If your a family man you’d have to go with the flex but at least you’ll get to “Flex” your muscles when some punk in a lowered Corolla and a coffee can for a muffle challenges you off the line… Like me.

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