CL360: First attempt at polishing

I ordered a Dremel tool and purchased some aluminum polish.  I’ve been looking on how to polish aluminum all over the Internet so I can polish the engine cases on the CL.  So here’s what  I learned.

1.  Get a variety of sand paper (I use 400, 1000, 1500 and 2000 grit).  Wet/dry sandpaper seems to work the best because you can wash it out.

2. In one direction, sand the piece.   Do not sand in circles. The idea is to smooth the aluminum out.  after you get the rough spots worked out take the next softest grit up (1,000) and sand at a 90 degree angle of what you did before.  This gets the scratches out from the previous sand paper.  Do this using all of the sand paper and switch directions every time you change sand paper.

3. Use some rubbing compound over the piece to help smooth the aluminum further. In this case, I used Turtle Wax’s red rubbing compound.

4. Wipe the rubbing compound off and apply aluminum polish to the piece.  I used Mother’s aluminum polish and work it into the piece.  If you are doing this by hand you want to use a soft towel.  I used a buffing wheel on my bench grinder or my Dremel for small pieces.

Here’s the first piece.  Not the best but it is a start.  The piece goes on top of the valve cover for the engine.  Next week I tear into the gummed up carbs.

CL360 Breather Cover

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#1 BentleyForbes on 10.06.14 at 5:46 am

This is amazing and the best thing to look forward before buying cars are the engines. You have to make sure it’s the best.

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