Lexus IS vs. Infiniti G37 (Price:Power)

2009 Lexus IS350


I like crunching numbers when it comes to cars.  Weight, torque and horsepower play a huge part of what I like about a car but it isn’t the only thing.  Take the new 2009 Infiniti G37 sedan and the 2009 Lexus IS series cars, both battle the same luxury sport sedan market.  Here’s a concise list of the specs for both.  Pay close attention to weight, horsepower, vehicle price and transmission options.

Infiniti G37

Price: $33,250 (Base), $33,700 (Journey), $35,750 (AWD G37x), $34,250 (Sport 6spd Manual)

Horsepower/Torque:  328 HP/269 ft-lbs

Weight:  3,581 (Base), 3,590 (Journey), 3,791 (AWD), 3,615 (Sport)

Wheel Base: 112.2 Inches

Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 18/26 (Base), 18/26 (Journey), 18/25 (AWD), 17/25 (Sport)

Lexus IS

Price: $32,325 (IS250), $36,605 (IS350), $34,785 (IS250-AWD), $31,155 (IS250 6Spd Manual)

Horsepower/Torque:  IS250 - 204 HP/185 ft-lbs, IS350 - 306 HP/277 ft-lbs

Weight:  3,435 (IS250), 3,527 (IS350), 3,651 (AWD), 3,455 (Manual)

Wheel Base: 107.5 Inches

Fuel Economy (City/Hwy): 21/29 (IS250), 18/25 (IS350), 20/26 (AWD), 18/26 (Manual)

So what would you choose?  Looking at the numbers and my thirst for horsepower I would probably choose the G37 given the above information even if it is a little more money.  The only 300 HP version of the IS is in the 350 trim without an option of a 6-speed manual transmission, though it does come with a 6-speed sequential shift automatic and is lighter weight then the G37.  The IS350 also gets a 1 mile per gallon better in the city but I’d certainly sacrifice the 1 mile per gallon for an additional 22 horsepower.

But specifications aren’t everything and neither is horsepower.  You have to take into consideration which car pleases your visual pallet more.  For me it is close.  But the headlights and slightly more refined lines of IS I find more visually appealing.  Did you figure out what car I would get yet?

You also have to consider all around feel of the vehicle.  If all things were equal in this aspect, I would buy the Infiniti but they are not.  Lexus has an untouchable renown for dependability and one that I can vouch for after seeing a 12 year old, 200,000 mile Lexus LS that look brand new under the hood when I was repairing cars (the car was in for maintenance).  The bottom line is a Lexus doesn’t feel like a Toyota and a Infiniti has a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle)  hint of Nissan.  Maybe it is that Infinity uses its engine in Nissans and only a few Lexus cars share power plants with Toyota. Maybe it is the interior components that Infiniti uses that are not quite up to Lexus status quo.  I guess if I was looking for a car more performance geared I would go with the Infiniti and if I was looking for a car that my wife could enjoy riding in, that has the true feeling of luxury, and is dependable then the Lexus IS is what I would go for.

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#1 Banpei on 01.16.09 at 2:52 am

As a toyotaku I’d go for the Lexus, however the G37 is sold as the Nissan Skyline in Japan so rebadging it would make it cool again. ;)

#2 anjy on 02.14.11 at 3:04 am

hey fav is 20th anniversary edition. I like this car… tremendous braking and good
supportive sport seats..

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