2009 Volkswagen CC

2009 Volkswagen CC Exterior

To be totally and completely honest I have always sort of had a crush on VW. I don’t really know why. I loved the way that the Mk4 Golf’s looked. I loved the way that the Jetta looked. I owned a Mk3 Golf that would have been quite the oddity in America as it was carburated and had a manual choke, but I owned it in South Africa where they still make the Mk1 Golf. Needless to day that I always have looked on them with favor…until this last generation. You will notice that I emphasize how much I LIKED the way they looked. I think that the latest generation of Volkswagen sedans just don’t look very good. Something to do with the rump I think. Be that as it may I am finally seeing a VW that I can dig again.

The 2009 Volkswagen CC.

Allen for some reason feels that the new Mazda6 is the sexiest sedan out there for the price, and to be totally honest, I think he is wrong. I don’t think he has paid close enough attention to what VW is doing.

Here is the gist. Its a super slick looking 4 door sedan weighing 3,300 lbs with a 6 speed manual or 6 speed tiptronic transmission. Uses VWs 2.0T, a 2.0 liter, turbocharged engine producing 200 hp and getting a whopping 31mpg on the highway. This setup for right around $27,000. Not too shabby.That is the entry level and the price jumps pretty quickly into what is a more typical VW fashion of “more expensive than it needs to be.” You can also get the CC in a VR6 all-wheel-drive model which is the top of the line. This includes their 3.6L engine running a smooth 280 hp and getting 27mpg on the highway and checking in at the none to light weight of 3,800 lbs. This version comes with all of the fixin’s including leather seats, 18″ rims, 12 way seats, Sirius Radio, etc. The whole kit (minus any extras of course) for $39,000 plus destination charges. That’s a bit bigger bite to chew, but honestly it is a beautiful bite to chew.

Nice wide haunches, lines that flow all the way around the car, and a fantastic sloping roof line. One of the things that I like the best is that it’s rear doesn’t look nearly as fat as it does on say the Mk5 Golf. Though it is also a much larger car so maybe it just fits better.

2009 Volkswagen CC Engine

VW 2009 CC

2009 Volkswagen CC Interior

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#1 Volks Enthusiastic on 02.28.11 at 10:36 pm

2009 Volkswagen CC is one of the edition of Passat, which was first debuted in the year 2008… The name “CC” itself says its the abbreviation of “Comfort Coupe”. This is one of the good blogs on the review 2009 Volkswagen CC.

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