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1994 Mazda Miata

How I deal with envy…

In the not to distant past, in a location fairly close to where I live, Austin asked me to take a look at vehicle he was keen on purchasing.  Being the good brother-in-law and only mechanic in the family it was my duty to go.

As we pulled in the driveway I was eying the gleaming red Miata with quite the skepticism.  My gaze shifted over to Austin.  “You’re sure you want to drive that, Austin?”

“Just shut up and look at the car.  I know what I want.”  He retorted.  Not wanting to the press the issue, I stepped out and gave the little convertible a good used car look over.  After finding almost no problems, except for a few minor leaks which is common for a car that age, I hopped into the passenger seat and Austin pulled the car out for a test drive.

I decided I would give him one last chance to change his mind.  “You know this is a Miata? The most common drivers are old dudes in mid-life crisis that can’t afford a Corvette.  I won’t think any less of you if you decide right now you don’t want one?”  Raised my eyebrow a little.

“That’s it!”  He pulled the car over.  “Drive.”

“I’m not driving this car.  Do you know what people are going to think of me?”  I asked.

“They’ll probably think that you are gay, but it really doesn’t matter.”  He retorted.  I reluctantly wrenched myself out of the passenger seat.

“Fine, are you happy, now.”  I said with little enthusiasm as I started the car.  I pulled a quick U-turn. “Huh?”  I mumbled a little under my breath at how sharply the car made the turn.

We entered onto the highway and I pressed the gas pedal, worked the gears up to 62 miles per hour and tested the clutch.  They all felt good.  The throw for the shifter was quick, and while the acceleration wasn’t blistering fast, it was adequate.  “Ah.” I let out a little sign of interest while ignoring the grin creeping onto Austin’s face.

Next, I slammed brakes and gave a quick turn into the neighborhood.  The car darted in and held the line.  The tires squealed a little in response to my maneuver but held their grip.  I whipped the car around and pulled it back into the owners driveway.  “Wow,”  I turned to Austin, “you should buy this.”  And he did.

The one test drive of that little car gnawed at me for weeks.  My 240sx was great but my motivation on the car had diminished into nothing.  I needed something new, something my wife could enjoy with me, something that didn’t have a harsh ride from the suspension modification, something that didn’t rattle the very innards of your brain with it ultra loud exhaust note, something rear wheel drive, something that could handle and get great gas mileage…

The next day the 240sx was for sale and the day after that it sold.  I started searching.  The nights ate at me.   The days dragged into weeks.  Every day I would call on a car and it would either be sold or an automatic.  Who wants an automatic?  That’s no fun.  I was never going to find a decent rear wheel drive car for a good price.  Everything I wanted seemed to sell like hot cakes.

Then that fateful day came.  A man was moving out of state and had to sell his car that day.  I talked him down to a reasonable amount, he signed the title over to me and the rest is history.

I became an owner of a 1994 black “A-Package” Mazda Miata with 113,000 mile on the clock.  Here are the specs and there is more to come:

Engine: 1.8L, 128-HP and 110 ft-lbs of torque

Transmission: 5 speed Manual

Differential: Factory Torsen Limited Slip Differential

Fuel Economy: 23/27 (City/Hwy)

Interior/Exterior/Top: Black/Black/Black

Inherited Nickname from the people I work with: The Black Mamba  (Why, I have no idea?)

Twin Mazda Miatas

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#1 Nova Science Publishers on 10.20.14 at 5:15 am

Still old model rocks and the sophistication of design is the best and really you’ll want to have one even as of today. Retro is love!

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