How to Stick it to the $@*% Oil Companies…

Yesterday was the first day in my entire life that I paid more than $50 to fill my fuel tank on my 240sx. I paid almost $4 a gallon. (I took a 15 minute pause right here in the article to punch a few inanimate objects and yell at the fact that gasoline is so so expensive… Feel free to do the same.)

So I figured, I would recommend a few ways that you can save and hang on to that precious liquid gold in your tank a little longer.

First, keep your hands, arms, heads, and puppy dogs in the vehicle at all times. As much as my dogs like the windows down the gas mileage of you car can suffer greatly by just having the window down. With the windows open air flows into the vehicle and not around it, decreasing how aerodynamic it is. This is more critical the faster you are driving. So at freeway speeds it is a must.

Note: This is not my dog, I own a much much cooler dog than this.

Second, Don’t use your air conditioning. It robs the power from the engine and can affect the gas mileage of your car. Unfortunately I can’t even follow this advise. It is 100 degrees out here in the summer and I particularly do not want to be drenched with sweat when I get home from work. On the other hand it is a great way to lose weight.

Third, Anticipate the flow of traffic and lights. I’ve noticed that most people where I live fail to do this regularly. Besides it is a good driving habit, the smoother and less inputs on the accelerator pedal the better. When you sharply stab that pedal the computer in your car reacts and almost immediately dumps as much fuel into the engine that it can get. If you’re smooth on the throttle the computer can anticipate your needs and only give the engine the required amount of fuel.

Forth, coast your car to the light. Most fuel is used to get your vehicle up to speed but very little is used to maintain your speed. If your car is still rolling when the light changes you require very little fuel to get back to cruising speed.

Fifth, drive the speed limit. Most cars are engineered to be the most fuel efficient at 65 mph. Let’s take my 87 Corolla for example. The Corolla was designed in the 1980s and the highest speed limit was 55 mph at the time. That is where that car is the most fuel efficient. I noticed that my car gets 2 to 3 miles per gallon better if i do not drive faster than 67 mph. If I cruise anything over that the fuel economy drastically suffers (28 mpg to 25 mpg).

Still don’t believe me? Take a look at the Bugatti Veyron, at 257 mph it will go through a take of gas in less than 10 minutes but cruise it at 60 mph you can drive it at least 300 miles. Granted at 257 mph you covered over 40 miles in that 10 minutes, I could get from my house to work in under 4 minutes. Oh, that would be fun but sticking to to the Oil Companies.

Back to my last point, if you are cruising for some time try to cruise behind a Big Rig, (eighteen wheeler). Even at a safe following distance behind one of those rigs will increase your gas mileage due to the amount of air that a vehicle that size displaces.

This is my little way of fighting back and sticking it to the (Insert four letter adjectives here) Oil Companies… Greedy little (adjective)… Oh they make me so mad those (several more adjectives)… I’m going to go hit a few more inanimate objects right now…


#1 brian on 06.04.08 at 6:28 am

That Bugatti Veyron has to be the coolest car ever. For now I will stick with carpooling to save gas. is a good place to start – a free natiowide carpool network.

#2 Allen on 06.04.08 at 11:43 am

Cool, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the comment.

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