Can You Roll with 100hp? (AE86 Dyno)

Did I ever mention how much I love my old 1987 Toyota Corolla? Well, I do. (If you don’t care about reading my article and only care about the numbers then scroll the to bottom of the page.)

The past several month, life for Austin and I has been down right insane. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a person out there reading or checking out our web site who hasn’t experienced the craziness of life at one time or another. During this craziness, Austin somehow manged to coerce me out of my S13, 240sx, or what ever you’d like to call it. So I’ve been stuck driving my Corolla. Which it turns out I like actually better. So If your interested in an S13 email me

During the progression of time I met some fellow AE86ers’ (I guess that is what you call us… it’s a word now.) and made some new friends along the way. One of them John, who I hope at one point will get to interview and review his really sweet MR2 Spyder, works at a garage with a dyno.

A little beer, helping him put on his body panels on his MR2 and next thing I know I’m running my AE86 on the Dyno.

It was Austin, My friend Noel, John and of course yours truly. We decided to play the “Price is Right” with my Dyno numbers at which point I found out that John is a pessimist at 85 HP to the wheels. Noel was only slightly better with 90 Hp and I guessed 92 HP. Austin, Ah Austin the eternal optimist guessed 98HP.

Well with the car being pretty much stock with the exception of a TRD header, High-Flow Catalytic Converter, and an Megan under tail exhaust (I don’t recommend bad customer service and I had to get it re-welded for ground clearance.), I put down 106 HP! That exhaust kicks %^#!

Really?! The first run was 92 HP to the wheels. Looks like I was right. I would have been a little more excited to see 95 HP to the wheels but three HP is almost negligible.

But wait, I had the silencer in the muffler still and until now I’ve never ran the car with out it. So we ran the test again. 98 HP to the wheel and besides being ridiculously loud, it sounded about a hundred times better.

So if you have a silencer in your Megan Exhaust, burn it drive over it, use it for target practice but for the love of all things holy and horsepower related, never, ever, ever put that thing back in. That was an 8% gain in horsepower!


I did two more runs one, with out the P/S, A/C belt and the air box off, and one with the air box on. Check out the numbers and the sheet. I’ll post a video soon of my car on the dyno. I hope this is a good base line for AE86ers’ trying build their cars. I’ll be dyno-ing again when I can afford some more up-grades. (Hint, Hint manufactures of performance parts.) Who knew 100 HP could be so exciting… (See Stats Below, All done on SAE)

First Run – Full Exhaust Silencer in:

91.34 HP, 88.02 ft-lbs of torque

Second Run – No Silencer:

98.39 HP, 91.14 ft-lbs

Third Run – No Silencer, No Air Box, No A/C, PS belt:

106.25 HP, 96.76 ft-lbs

Forth Run – No Silencer, No A/C, PS Belt:

103.38 HP, 93.64 ft-lbs


#1 Matt Keating on 04.20.08 at 2:50 pm

By the way. AE86, probably the best car ever. I’m excited just looking at these numbers. the cars so light, that having just 100 bhp is so satisfying, especially racing against someone with 100 more bhp and beating them xD

#2 Allen on 04.28.08 at 5:03 pm

Thanks. I’m totally Diggin’ it. I don’t know about the best car ever but it is good… real good.

#3 dan on 05.18.08 at 6:20 pm

pretty good numbers, my 86 put down 110hp/95tq on my shops mustang dyno, and that was with a kn filter only. once i figure out why it isn’t getting a tach signal at the moment i will do an exhaust and header

#4 dan on 05.18.08 at 6:21 pm

btw, mine is a black coupe with panasports as well… odd

#5 Allen on 06.02.08 at 12:00 pm

You can email me pics of it at

110HP? what was the dyno settings at? Does your car have cams?

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