How I Handle Envy

Proper GT-3 Image

For the past couple of months, while I have been waiting / trying to get my bike fixed, I have been borrowing Allen’s 240sx. To be totally honest and totally clear, this car is pretty much rice. The paint is bad, there is a big dent in the front corner (a standard on these cars), the lights no longer go down, it has an exhaust that battles with the jets at the airpark, and it is lowered. One thing that doesn’t really count but is worth noting is that it is NOT front-wheel-drive.

It is at this point that I should also note that Allen didn’t just lower it but completely redid his suspension from the ground up and that he also added a LSD to it so it is pretty easy and ready to drift (a fun rainy day event)

While I was driving today I see a car in my rear view mirror creeping up.

Porsche GT-3 2

I let the car pass, snap a picture with my cell phone and watch. Turns out we are both getting off at the same light. So I take another picture only slightly closer.

Porsche GT-3 1

Then comes the fun. While I know that Allen has put a lot of work into the functioning and handling of his car, I look and sound like every Fast and the Furious Wanna-be on the road with an import car. I figure what better fun to have in North Scottsdale than to play that part a bit. So I start revving my engine a bit go through the light, and change lanes REALLY quickly to the other lane, drop a gear and tear past him only to jump back into the lane as soon as I have passed him. I am not an idiot, I wasn’t tail-gating and I certainly didn’t cut the guy off, but I made my point. I think my car is better than his Porsche. Sure enough he does the same thing only much faster and gives me a dirty look on the way. This is where I give my ‘whatever’ should shrug and look like a total jackass who doesn’t know anything about cars.

It makes me feel good to goad people buying these cars that cost like 5 times my annual salary.

Do I love the GT-3? Yeah. Do I wish I could drive one? Yeah. I just find it funny that there are people out there who drive cars like Allen’s and think they are faster than anything on the road. I also find it funny that those people bother people who pay $200,000 for a car that looks like the kind of car the Devil would drive through the canyons of Heaven.

note: For good measure I threw a picture of the GT-3 from the Porsche Site, just to show the front as well. Top image © Porsche AG


Max. Horsepower: 415 hp at 7600 rpm
Max. torque (lb.ft.): 300 lb.ft. at 5500 rpm
Engine redline: 8400 rpm
Compression ratio: 12.0:1

Curb Weight[ lbs. / kg ]: 3,075 / 1,395
Fuel economy [ mpg ]: 15 / 22

Top Track Speed: 193 mph (310 km/h)
0-60 mph (0-96 km/h): 4.1 sec.
0-99 mph(0-160 km/h): 8.7 sec.
0-124 mph(0-200 km/h): 13.5 sec.


#1 Allen on 03.12.08 at 10:36 am

The car might be Rice…but not Ricery. Besides you failed to mention the 50 HP increase due to the crack in the windshield.

#2 Allen on 03.12.08 at 10:41 am

When am I going to get my car back? I was going to sell it and get another motorcycle… :(

You’re being nice to it, right?

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