Barrett Jackson – Opening Night

Seriously, who knew that a combination of an 85 year old car genius, million dollar cars, Elvis impersonators, and Red Bull and Vodka could be so awesome and so devastating…

Last night was one of the best experiences that I have had in the automotive world. I got to see one of the greatest living automotive legends of all time, Carroll Shelby. You know, the guy who invented the Shelby Cobra. It was truly an honor to share in his 85th birthday (and if he reads this I wish him many more.)

Shelby the Legend

But the night was not solely about Carroll Shelby and the impact that he has made to the performance of American cars. It was a celebration about one of the greatest car auctions in North America.

Allen and Laura

As Austin, my wife Laura, and I drove to the Auction I sat in silence not knowing what to expect my stomach was churning butterflies and wisps of adrenaline flowed into my veins. Even the parking was great. I followed a brand new BMW M5 into the parking lot and had the opportunity to park behind a Bentley Continental GTC which probably cost over $200,000. (There was another one for sale inside that was stickered at $209,000.) But that wasn’t the “Ice Breaker”, it was the fact that my wife seemed to think that her Hyundai Sonata wasn’t going to be safe in the parking lot. Bentley or Hyundai?


As we walked into the doors I was simply amazed by the sheer size of the event and apparently so was my wife. She actually was very entertained to be there. I was a little bit skeptical at first but she started snapping off photos and took some great shots.


[Austin] The evening was very nice. You walk in past 15 Shelby GT500s into a room with another dozen new and concept Ford vehicles. As you walk through the main vendor floor, you come to a giant black tent with people stamping hands and taking invitations. Inside was completely shocking. Not only was it huge; not only was it packed; but my invitation said “elegant attire” and Elvis was on the stage. I immediately felt overdressed, and I was just in a tie. Elvis at Barrett-Jackson

[Allen] Well, I don’t want to ruin too much for our readers because we are going to be blogging and shooting a few videos on vendors and key vehicles that are there, but the new ZR1 supercharged Corvette is there, as well as the first production Dodge Challenger, as well as a number of vehicles that will auction significantly over the $500,000 mark, and I can’t wait to talk about them.


As far as Devastating, that was the wicked combination of Red Bull, Vodka, followed by 5 hours of sleep and the 6:30 AM time I have to be at work..

[Austin: Just a note, but I didn't get home until 1:30 and had two Red Bulls, two Cokes, a double espresso (yeah I found some) not to mention all of the earlier caffeine of the day and I slept like a baby]


Booze and Cars (Note: Austin’s is the empty one)

Sean Connery or is it?

This isn’t a joke, this guy was going around with a Scottish accent doing a mock Sean Connery.


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