Mid-Life Crisis

The other day was my birthday and I believe it is generally the onset of most mid-life crisis; depression, countless hours of video games, and complete discouragement as to how my life has been thus far. I want to reach for greater things, bigger things, and things that excite me. I determined that I need the ultimate vehicle for the mid-life crisis.

First off I don’t want anything blatantly over the top. I need something refined and respectable. Something that gets great gas mileage but also performs; the vehicle has to make a subtle statement.It only has to carry two people because, frankly, it is my mid-life crisis and kids don’t have to be involved.

I was thinking the new Corvette because it gets a sensible 27 miles per gallon. The Corvette is the epitome of Mid-Life Crisis solutions, but it is just not going to work for me.  I don’t like to follow trends, I like to make them. As a result the Mustang and all of it derivatives are just plain out. Don’t get me wrong, both cars are great and I wouldn’t mind owning either, but this is a mid-life crisis not high school. (There was one kid at my high school who had a Vette and several with Mustangs.)

I want a car that gives me the feeling of doing great things…like a Miata. It has two seats, a fuel efficient engine, a hideaway hard top, and it is one of the best enthusiast cars out there. Downside is that it is a…Miata. (Austin: i.e. a womans mid-life crisis car)

I’ve got it! I want a Porsche. I’ve always had a fascination with these cars since I was a child. The 911 Carrera is refined, glamorous, and subtle enough to be over shadowed by the Italian super cars and be considered particularly trendy. It has the power and excitement to keep me entertained. Not to mention, people will recognize it and know I have overcome my mid-life crisis. Of course the gas mileage is not going to be to good but who cares it is a Porsche!

But there are two problems. A) Where am I going to get the kind of money to by a Porsche? I’ll have to take out a second mortgage. B) I don’t have a house to take a first mortgage out on let alone the second.

Hmm…maybe 25 years old is too young to have a mid-life crisis? Guess I’m stuck with the Corolla for a little while.

Austin: Our little Allen is growing up.  I also had my birthday the other day (one day after) and I got a drill, but I wouldn’t mind a Porche.  I wouldn’t mind a Miata either.  I am actually in love with them.  Though not as much as the Exige.


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