Its Good to “B-King”

Suzuki is leading the way in the new street motorcycles that it is releasing for 2008, and it has one of the most versatile line-ups in the industry. One of the newest additions is the “B-King” a naked sport/standard motorcycle that takes the crown on two fronts.

The first is speed.

This motorcycle has been built with the legendary Hayabusa 1340cc engine. Making this the fastest, naked bike on the planet. The engine has been re-tuned slightly so as not to take away from the Hayabusa’s title of fastest production motorcycle. In addition to the engine, the “King” is equipped with typical Hayabusa components like inverted front forks, adjustable rear suspension, and front and rear disc brakes making it not very light at 520 lbs, dry. Another thing that is not so light is the $12,899.00 MSRP.

But I said there were two things that “B-King” takes the crown for 2008 and that is the most unattractive motorcycle to date. I can’t really explain what happened between the concept that was revealed and what went into production. The concept has a more aggressive stance, looks lower and has huge wheels, where as the production “B-King” has terrible looking mirrors, wheels off of what look like a GS500F and a very upright stance. There is one feature that Suzuki did leave from the concept and that was the duel coffee can mufflers shoved under the tail. Seriously? It looks like Suzuki picked-up what was left of the meteorite from the movie Armageddon and slapped a couple coffee cans and wheels on it and called it good.

I guess if I want Hayabusa power, lighter weight, and better looks, I should stick with the sexy Hayabusa which, by the way, happens to be $900 dollars less on the MSRP then the “B-King”. The extra $900 might as well be the nails in the coffin. They should have named it “Suc-King”…

[Austin: I cannot stand the way this motorcycle looks. I disagree with Allen about concept to production changes. The concept looks better but only slightly. They both look like crap, and I am actually surprised that they brought this into production at all. The side view is one thing but from the top, the tail is HUGE. I am looking for more pictures to post on this beast. ]


#1 Burp Reynolds on 02.17.09 at 8:06 pm

I can think of an uglier suzuki…the hayabusa??? Hello???

#2 RW on 02.26.11 at 6:47 am

The B-King is quite popular in Europe. Styling is a personal thing that is lost on many Americans. I have yoshimura pipes on mine, a small wind shield, and the pegs lowered an inch and half. Pro riders have turned just under 10 sec in the 1/4 mile on stock B-Kings. What does yoiur bike do? B-Kings are great handling bikes as well. Know what you’re talking about first before you go shooting your mouth off next time.

#3 Austin on 02.28.11 at 5:54 am

Different pipes would definitely increase the aesthetics. One the whole it looks inspired from a Gundam fighter, except it doesn’t transform or fly. It just goes fast and looks like Quasimodo.

And your right, my bike doesn’t do 10sec quarter miles. But that wasn’t why I bought a bike to begin with. I had a Suzuki SV650, which handled, and looked amazing.

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