I’ll Take The Red Pill


“Gesundheit!” That was the response I got when I told Austin about this Suzuki Concept I saw.

Suzuki is thinking about putting out a new sedan/wagon and I think it looks awesome. It reminds me of the matrix, you know, the red pill that Neo took to get to the real world. I mean that in a good way.

The Kizashi, that is its actual name, looks so refined but still has the sporting look about it that it might actually please a range of people. The headlights trail down on the grill giving spider like fangs. Kind of scary, actually.

The specs I found indicated that it would be All Wheel Drive (AWD) and powered by a 2.0 L turbo diesel, but being a concept means nothing is set in stone (including production). I wouldn’t mind seeing it with a similar set-up to an EVO or an STI, making a run for that market.

Even though it has an almost futuristic appeal to on the outside there is a wonderful real world, down to Earth feel when I look at it. The turbo diesel is going to increase the fuel economy over a gasoline engine, assuming they go that route, and the AWD will make the car more drivable. In a way it will be like taking the red pill and waking up to a world of sensibility. I hope Suzuki feels the same way and produces this escape to reality.


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