Drifter’s Do it Sideways!

How to Initial your D…

“Drifting” is basically defined as a controlled slide, and it can only really be accomplished in a Rear-Wheel (RWD) or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) vehicles that are rear wheel biased. There are many techniques to accomplishing drifting around corners all resulting in oversteer.

The first and easiest way to get your car sideways is by using the emergency brake. Many front-wheel-drive car owners use this, however, it is hard to keep the drift going. That is where the RWD comes into play.

Next is the Braking drift which is accomplished by braking hard before and during a turn with a combination of steering and accelerator inputs causing the rear wheels to loose their grip. What is happening here is that when you brake the weight is thrown forwards onto your front tires.

Another method is the Feint Drift. This is done by turning quick and hard in the opposite direction before a turn and then quickly turning the car back into the direction of the turn. This upsets the balance of the car causing the rear wheels to break loose.

Next is the Clutch Kick drift. This is where you pop the clutch quickly to upset the drive-train and cause the rear tires to loose grip. It is also a great way to help you continue a drift in the middle of a turn if you find yourself losing momentum.

Then there is the shift lock drift which is accomplished by pushing in the clutch and letting the RPMs drop. Quickly release the clutch to upset the drive-train. It is good to note that this is extremely hard on the drive train.

Finally, there is the Powerover. Which, like it sounds, is using all the extra power you have to cause the tires to break free of their grip. Just mash on the gas in the middle of the turn and get sliding.

There are several other variants of drifting but those are pretty much the main ones. I might also recommend checking out the Japanese Animation “Initial D” because they talk about all types of drifting. Check out the picture I found of an Exige Drifting. Austin, I hope this makes your jaw hurt a little more…

[Austin: I would also like to note that while Allen favors RWD vehicles, it is possible and viable to drift in FWD or AWD vehicles.  Cars like the mini cooper have actually been designed with slight oversteer while turning.  It is just more difficult to maintain a drift on an asphalt road. There are many many FWD and AWD rally cars out there, and drifting is a fundamental in extreme conditions driving.  Oh, and I am waiting for my lotus to be delivered, though I think Lotus is still waiting on their check.]


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