Suppressing my “URGE” to…

I was glancing around the other night, in hopes of finding a concept car that would meet my profile. You know the rear wheel drive, lightweight, enthusiast’s car I love so much, and guess what happened to appear. Something to spring life back into my hopes. Something that I could drive sideways and all I have to do is suppress my urge to… vomit.

Nissan’s concept the “URGE”, has a lot going for it in my book but looks are not one of them. The silver and light blue offset by electric yellow is overwhelming to my senses and makes me almost want to cringe. Being the man that I am, I stuck with it and flipped to the specifications page that Nissan had.

The Urge is designed for the video game era. It is intended to come complete with an X-Box and the steering wheel is suppose to be converted into the controller so you can play your games. Wow, I could care less. If I’m going to play video games, I’d like to do it in the comfort of my own home with a cold beer to ease the pain every time I die.

Moving to the factors that really make me want one and that would be only because it would be filling my “Niche”. Nissan plans to equipped the car with a high revving, light weight engine, independent suspension, Brembo style brake like the ones found on the 350Z, and my favorite part, make it rear wheel drive. Yippie, life’s better sideways!

I hope they decide to produce the urge, I just hope the redesign the body so it doesn’t have gapping holes in the doors and tone it down a little. A round steering wheel would also be nice, as much as I like “Night Rider”, it doesn’t mean I want a steering wheel like KIT’s.

[Austin: I totally dig the concept. I like the look. I has very similar styling to the GT-R concept that was out a few years back.  It also think that they are on the right track with the IDEA. This is just a concept, but I think it is pretty cool. The colors are a tad bold even for a concept, but if they went to production with it, I think it would be a winner.  By production, I should mention that I mean removing all of the flare and making it a normal low end coupe.  I should also note that this concept was featured at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, but it was worth bringing it back because it is one of the only small RWD concepts out there. ]


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