The Right Reasons To Buy Hybrid. (My Reason – TORQUE)

I’ve talked to a few people who own hybrid cars purchased right from the factory. Their main reason for the purchase is gas mileage. That is one reason to buy hybrid, but it may not be the best reason.The biggest and best reason to buy a Hybrid is emissions. Hybrids don’t run while stopped or even under hard accelerations in the city, this fact alone reduces emissions tremendously. If you own a Hybrid it should make you feel good to know that you are polluting this planet far less than 90% of the vehicles on the road today.

If you know me, you know I don’t like things that are slow and don’t preform. You’re probably thinking, “Why write the article, then?” (I know Austin is). Let me tell you my main reason why I would buy a hybrid. As much as I care about my children being able to breath in the near future, it has nothing to do with saving the planet. It has everything to do with torque, glorious torque! Torque is that thrust pushing you back in the seat that you feel when you leave from a dead stop. But first let me explain why I don’t think fuel economy is not a good reason to purchase a hybrid.The first reason is that they don’t actually get that much better fuel economy. Lets take an example of the Toyota Camry and Toyota Camry Hybrid. Both are excellent cars and Toyota is currently the leader in Hybrid vehicles. The LE model four cylinder Camry comes with a 2.4 L and costs $20,025. The 2.4 L has an output of 158 HP and 161 ft-lbs of torque. The fuel economy is 21 mpg city and 31 on the highway. Sounds pretty good in my book.

The Hybrid model comes with the same 2.4 L engine that has an lower output of 147 HP and 138 ft-lbs of torque but if you combine that with the 40 HP electric motor it has 187 hp and 202 ft-lbs of torque. The hybrid cost $25,200 and gets 33 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.Back to torque real quick. The only engine out there that could come up with that crazy torque number is a diesel and that much torque could tear the tire off just about anything or pull a house (not literally). Manty full sized pick-up trucks hardly produce that much torque. Pretty cool, eh?

So why wouldn’t I buy a hybrid because of fuel economy? If I average out the fuel economy for both Camries (or is it Camri?) [Austin: I think its Camrys] , it comes to 26 mpg for the LE and 33.5 mpg for the hybrid. The average driver puts 15,000 miles on his or her car annually. Now if i divide that by the average fuel econmy of both, I should get the amount of fuel each car would use over 15,000 miles. 576.9 Gallons for the LE and 447.8 Gallons for the hybrid, a difference of 129.1 Gal. If you multiply that by the rediculous cost of fuel, $3.25, you get $419.58 for the year. (I rounded up on the penny just like our “best friends” the oil companies.) That’s right it saves you only $420 a year in fuel. It would take you twelve years and three months to make up the difference in savings between the LE and Hybrid model. (Note: The LE is not even the base model Camry)

To sum it up, if you own a hybrid, brag to you friends about how you can pull a horse trailer because its has crazy amounts of torque or better yet, brag to them about how you’re doing your part to save the planet. Just don’t talk about all the gas money you save, because in the long run it just doesn’t work.


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