The Man’s Sedan (Part 3) – The New Dodge Charger

I was feeling a little guilty about my first Man’s Sedan feature on the BMW M5, choosing a car that probably wasn’t remotely in anyone’s price range and certainly not mine. I can dream, right? After being pulled back down to Earth by Austin I decided to choose the new Dodge Charger.

There are a few reasons why I went with this car. First off my cousin owns one and she, that’s right SHE, loves it. Now she has a few kids and finds the car to be completely functional for hauling around her children, groceries or whatever. She also has a lead foot, which means she has to have a car that is capable.

Now I’d never be able to talk my wife into buying this car if I rattled off this:

“Did you know this car comes equipped with rear wheel drive, independent suspension and a choice of two different v-8 engines? One, a 6.1 liter producing 425 HP and 420 ft-lbs of torque. The other, only a 5.7 Liter V-8 produces 340 Hp and 390Ft-lbs of torque (like 340 HP isn’t a lot). ” But you better believe I’d be telling my guy friends like Austin.

I think I might try this approach:

“My cousin owns one and she likes it. There is plenty of power and room. It comes with an automatic and cruise control (I might mutter something about Rear Wheel drive at this point under my breath but out of ear shot of her.). Also you can easily get a child’s seat and kids out of the back seat, because even though it doesn’t look like it, it has back doors. It also comes in blue.” The girl likes blue and I’ve got to sell it any way I can.

[Austin: At this point I would like to note that Allen doesn't actually have children, though it is a regular point made in conversations with his wife.]

The Charger does come with two different versions of a V-6, which would certainly slip my mind when talking with my wife. Why would any one by a Charger with a V-6? It’s like having a piece of cake without the icing. Its just not the same.

For a sedan that looks like a coupe and for the R/T model you’ll be paying just above $30 K. The V-6 models are closer to $20 K and the SRT-8 is around $40 K. Hmm, I guess I need to put a little more working into finding a “Man’s Sedan” in a lower price range. The SRT-8 is a little over my budget. In my defense, it is half the price the of M5.

[Austin: I think it is going to be rather difficult to find any sedan with a good chunk of power for less than $30k.]

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#1 Jim Perkins on 12.05.07 at 5:44 am

LOL nevermind about photos in my last comment should have dug a little deeper. My bad

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