Flight of the Navigator…er…Mercedes?

It is interesting to think that the Science Fiction movies that I loved as a child might soon be a reality in the automotive world, at least for Mercedes.

I remember Watching “The Flight of the Navigator” where a young man is taken ten years into the future by a spaceship. He ends up befriending the spaceship who happens to talk like PeeWee Herman… Anyway, rent the movie if I’ve interested you, but the ship in the movie is what interests me. I remember it changing shape at high speeds to something a little more aerodynamic and more like a giant silver football when stationary or at slow speeds. Well, apparently the luxury car maker Mercedes plans to do the same thing with a car.

Mercedes calls it the SilverFlow. The idea is to use billions of microscopic metallic particles which are variable but can be changed into different configurations using a electro-magnetics. Essentially, you could have a streamline car for cruising down the freeway and a compact car for the city.

The only foreseeable problem with this is a child with a magnet. I can see it now, my brand new SilverFlow melting away into a 1-ton heap of liquid metal around the poor child. Another problem is large tanker trucks of Liquid Nitrogen with combination of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh well, I’m sure Mercedes will work out the kinks.

Besides, if the name SilverFlow doesn’t catch-on they could always try the name T-1000. Oh wait, that might not go over well with Marketing.


#1 jared on 12.04.07 at 3:34 pm

Man, that was a great movie!

#2 Allen on 12.05.07 at 6:28 am

Glad you liked the movie!

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