Drifter’s Do it Sideways! (Why I like drifting.)

Drifting has become this rapidly growing racing sport around the world. There are national circuits for the United States as well as open drift days for the average driver to test his or her skills.

But why is it so popular? What makes it better then just normal racing? Well I intend to tell you why I like it so much and I can only hope that most people who enjoy drifting will agree with me.

First off let me explain what drifting is.

Drifting is getting your car sideways or over steering it and doing it with style. What I mean by style is plenty of tire smoke and good angle. But that is not what makes drifting attractive to me.

Drifting is attractive to me because it takes away the element of money (to an extent you still have to have some money for repairs, tires, etc.). Drifting is no longer about who gets to around the track the fastest. Generally speaking, all other racing is about the one with the best combination of money and driving experience. If you have the money you can afford better parts, upgrades and to make mistakes. Often young racers cannot afford either.

Secondly, you don’t usually get the guy who has a 800 hp car with an automatic who thinks he knows everything about driving. He talks it big but the only thing he can do in drive in a straight line. The only real skill of his is holding the car straight and launching properly. Don’t get me wrong, professional drag racers who run a 1/4 mile is 4 seconds are skilled drivers who I have the utmost respect for, it is the guy who shows up at the car show saying he is better than everyone else that I don’t. Drifting for the most part eliminates that guy who can only drive straight and is only fast because of his high horsepower car. For that guy it’s about the machine not the driver.
Finally, and this is the best reason, it is only about the individual. Each car is set-up to the drivers preferences, making the car as unique as the driver. Every drifter is a little bit different even though they can own the same car. One thing might work for me but not for someone else.

Sure, you have to have a rear wheel drive car to drift appropriately, but it is about how well the driver can operate his vehicle, not what the vehicle looks like.

Most starting drifters buy second hand Nissan 240sx or 1980s Toyota Corollas making it an inexpensive start. Those cars, by all means, are not the best looking (I happen to find that both to be attractive but most people don’t), highest horsepower, or even the best handling cars compared to todays standard.

To sum up I like drifting because it is never about who has the most money, who has the most horsepower, who has the coolest or best looking car. It goes right down to who knows how to drive their car on the edge of control and who can do it with the most style.

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