The Man’s Sedan (Part 1)

As a man, I find Sedans in general repulsive. They are generally plain but functional. They serve the purpose of being a family car and usually nothing more. But I want all the functionality of a sedan and performance of a sports car.

My wife drives (I can’t believe I’m admitting this.) a…Hyundia Sonata (I want to make this very clear, this is not my car and my name is not on the title.). I do on occasion have to drive the beast and the only redeeming quality is the fact that it is a manual transmission. But it is not fun to drive. I can not get it sideways, it has almost no power and there is so much body roll in a corner that I feel like I’m on a boat. The question is “Is there a Sedan that a man can enjoy driving his conservative wife around in?”

The Answer is “Yes, Yes there are.” There are several and today I’m going to be talking about the M5. A sedan with all the amenities, luxuries, and safety features your better half will love you for. This car come with everything short of a “Flux Capacitor”. So far it sounds like your wife, girlfriend or Mother will like the car unless she wants to time travel then I would stick with the DeLorean. But what’s in the M5 for you?

BMW was nice enough to equip this vehicle with a button. I like to refer to it as the “Man” button mostly because there is a M on it. Maybe the M stands for Magic, don’t know but it transforms every dynamic of the car to a M-tune which changes the V-10s horsepower from 400 to 500, stiffens the suspension, adjusts the differential settings, and quickens the steering response. Thank you BMW! I’m trying not to cry…

…I’m better. Now the M5 comes with a 7 speed automatic or if you don’t want any of your better halves driving it a 6-speed option. Unfortunately for me my wife can drive stick so that won’t be a good excuse to keep her out of the drivers seat. But If I were to get one, I still would get it with the manual transmission mostly because I found this in the press release and I quote:

“Of course, as with any M car, the pedals are arranged to provide smooth and quick heel-and-toe downshifting.”

Oh, how like getting cars sideways.

This car wins my vote for a “Man’s Sedan” the only problem for me right now is the base price of $83,675.00. I guess I’ll be stuck driving the wife around in HER Hyundai for a while.

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