Cars with Heritage Part 1 – The Mustang

I was conversing with Austin the other day on aspects of cars that we like and don’t like. We came across the Ford Mustang; a car that has one of the longest uninterrupted production runs ever. One that has over 40 years of history. It was then I decided to do some writing on the few remaining vehicles with any sort of heritage.

The fact that the Mustang has such a rich history is reason enough to look into buying one, but is it a good enough reason to actually purchase one? I’ve driven several of these cars ranging all the way up to the 2007 Mustang GT Convertible. Working at an auto shop, I very rarely saw theses cars in unless it had the V-6 engine . The V-8 model (GT) is just a better car. What it lacks in handling it makes up in power and to buy a V-6 version of this car, only heightens noticeable flaws in the suspension. On that note, I am only going to be talking about the “Man’s” Mustang, the GT model.

The Ford mustang was released for production in 1964 and 1/2, and as the years progressed so did the looks:

Check out the hair on that girl! Oh, right the car. Ford hit a “Hole in One” with looks on this car but I can’t quite explain what took place as time when on.

The one on the left is the 1967 Sexy Fastback. I loved Steve McQueen in “Bullitt”. One of the best chase scenes ever, only adding to the Heritage of the ‘Stang. The one on the right, unfortunately, is the ’76 Mustang. I really hate the looks of this car so bad I have to use a word not even in the dictionary. Can you say “Fugly”?

Next we progress into the ’80s. The age of Synthesizers, Mohawks and of course the Mustang.

Luckily as the years flew by all the way into the early ’90s designers looked upon the Mustang with compassion by removing the sunken headlights, adding a body kit, and a hatch. There are many people that I’ve met that have mixed feelings about this body style, but the late’80s early ’90s ones look great with the body kit. Also the late ’80s brought a revolution to the mustang with the birth of the SVO Mustang. I have to mention it because it is an awesome car (Check out “In the Niche” if you’re interested in the SVO). Moving on:

Mid ’90s and beyond.

The sharp corners and angles from the ’80s were lost in the 1995 and newer ‘Stang. Finally reverting it back to similarities with the original Pony Car. Mostly just the fake side scoops. In 1999, the model was changed again, bring sharper angles but still retaining the fake side scoops and add an additional fake scoop on the hood. Why? I don’t like things that don’t serve a purpose and fake scoops, don’t serve a purpose. They at least, do not take away from the cars looks. At least make them functional. This era Mustang was re-released in a “Bullitt” edition (Look at how it flies through the air; who knew horses could fly?)

Finally, and my favorite of all (with the exception of the “classic” mustangs from the ’60s), the 2006 Mustang:

Ford went back to the look that could kill and look no fake scoops! Unfortunately, this is the only model year with this body style you can get without the scoop. Someone at Ford decided it needed a scoop on the hood. Again, why?

It is wonderful to see that a piece of American History is still around and going strong even after 40 years! So is the heritage enough to buy one? I think so.


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