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If you have been following any of the blogs up to this point you know I’m very particular about what I like. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like other motorcycles or cars that don’t meet particular requirements. For instance, I really like the Mini Cooper even though it is front wheel drive it is rated in my top ten out of all the cars I have driven. It is that I have high regard for vehicles that meet my stringent requirements. In other words they are perfect for me. I thought I would write this one on some motorcycles that I find meet my requirements.

First off is the best motorcycle that I have ever ridden. The Suzuki SV650. This bike is the most versatile, under rated and all around great bike on the planet. They make everything for them. I’m not joking about that either. There are so many aftermarket parts accessories for this motorcycle it is incredible, not to mention if you cannot find a part take it off of a GSX-R. Just about all the components are interchangeable. The SV also has its own racing league. But wait it gets better. You can get a SV650 in a sport model or standard with the only difference being a fairing. I like the standard model because it is naked. The SV can be a sport-bike, Cafe racer, steetfighter, or a daily rider. The final kicker is the insurance is cheaper then any 600cc sport bike like the GSX-R or Honda CBRs. Now this bike is not as fast as a 600cc sport-bike but it will keep up around the corners. The low range torque makes it a joy to ride anywhere. Suzuki hit a homerun with the bike they day they started production.

[Austin: I love the SV650.  I am still trying to get mine working (waiting for money to come in) again. There will be more on it, but of the bikes that I have ridden it stands apart for its funability.  It just feels so right while sitting on it.  It is like a girly bike with so much grunt.  Check out to see the variations of that they can look like.]

Which leads me to its new competitor. The Kawasaki 650 ninja. This is one of the skinniest bikes I have ever seen with subtle and beautiful styling. I have yet to had the opportunity to ride one but from what I have read and the few people I have talked to that own them, they say this bike awesome.

[Austin: I have mixed feelings about this bike, which is purely speculation. I haven't ridden it and I would really like to. It seems like such a beginner bike. I don't see a lot of room for it to be modified and it just seems a bit upright. I dig the suspension and the way that it looks. I need to get on one.  SOON. ]

Then there is the Triumph 675. I don’t even know why I’m putting this in my favorite list except that there is something unknown that draws me to this motorcycle like a moth to the flame. This is an all out sport bike and for its size it has comparable power to and older 1000cc motorcycle or a new model 750cc motorcycle. The bike is super thin from the straight 3 engine. That’s right 3 cylinders with a perfect balance shaft that promises to keep away any vibrations at all RPM ranges.

[Austin: Yeah this bike is just plain sexy. It is one of the best looking bikes. I even love that color. Something about the british bikes in general I really like.]

Finally there is the Ducati Monster. This is one of the most attractive motorcycle on the face of the planet and it is naked. The truss style frame flows magically into the seat which is accented by the dual under-tail exhaust, and single headlight. Not to mention Ducati’s legendary performance. The Monster goes right back to the original Cafe Racers of the ’60s.

[Austin: This bike has so much cafe racer in it that is makes me a little uncomfortable.  I like the cafe racer style but not the tail.  Overwhelmingly I like the Ducatis and I think the monster is an awesome bike.]

So that’s my wish list. It is subject to change without notice.

[Austin: Ok Allen, so its time to start riding these.  Call the manufacturers and lets get some keys and the cameras rolling. Its fall and the 191 is calling]


#1 Tass on 04.06.11 at 4:28 pm

Why are motorbikes like this?

#2 Allain Morgan on 11.04.14 at 6:29 pm

Nice bikes and amazing color. Like this very much and it’s freaking cool. – Ellerslie Mission Society

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