My 240sx Suspension

Allen: I figured I would write a post about the suspension set-up in my 240sx. Suspension modification is one of those things that if done incorrectly can make your car handle worse. I spent several month researching on what I wanted to do. I chose the Whiteline suspension kit which can be purchased at (these guys are awesome! I’ve ordered other things from them than just my kit.).

The reason I chose this kit was because it had been tried and tested on the 240sx (S13). It comes with lowering springs, adjustable sway-bars, and full polyurethane bushings. It is very labor intensive to replace all of the bushing on a 240sx or any car for that matter. It took me 11 hours with a lift, press and torch because some of the bushings could not be pressed out and had to be removed using a torch. I also put KYB AGX adjustable struts on the car with the springs.

After installing all the components, and aligning the car to the specifications that Whiteline gave, it handled awesome. The ride quality is stiff though and not terribly comfortable for daily driving, still I like it. I adjusted the front struts (4-way adjustable) to the #3 setting which is stiffer than stock and the rears (8 way adjustable) to #5 which is also stiffer than stock.

The sway bars were both set to the stiffest setting. The alignment specs after lowering were 0 degrees of Toe front and rear, -2.0 degrees of camber in the rear, and -1.5 degrees of camber in the front. The rear was -1.o degrees of camber past the Whiteline spec but the fronts were right on. Apparently, Nissan had some camber problems in the rear of the early 240sx which I latter found out. I bought adjustable upper control arms to correct the problem and put the spec at -1.0 degrees of camber.

How did it handle? It has a pretty decent oversteer and is fairly predictable. The only problem was this is my daily driver and in the rain it likes to get overly sideways. I adjusted the rear sway-bar down to a softer setting and that seemed to help with the oversteer and made it more street-able.

With all of the parts added up it came close to $1300. Understand that was 3 years ago and I did all of the installation. Expect to pay almost twice that if you have someone else do the install.

Was it worth it? Yes, yes it was. I love driving my 240sx but it does get a little stiff for the daily commute. Just don’t ask my wife if it was worth it, she’ll likely tell you No. If you have to ask someone else, you can ask Austin.


#1 yeng on 04.11.08 at 7:57 pm

hey just wondering how you took out the stock rear camber

#2 Allen on 04.14.08 at 8:20 pm

I took out the stock rear camber by buying upper control arms that are adjustable. – Allen

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